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by eSkyCity on April 14, 2014

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We love educating people about technology.

eSkyCity provides technical solutions to businesses of all sizes.  To get things started, we offer free consultations.  We originally thought of this as a way to give prospective clients insight as to what makes eSkyCity a great choice for their business.  However, we discovered very early on that many people were more interested to learn about these technologies in a more general sense.  Why is this?

Everyone Isn’t an Expert
There are three types of clients we serve.  Those that are not technical at all, those that are somewhat technical, and those that are very technical.  To us, it doesn’t matter.  We’ve always taken the approach of solving a business problem with a technical solution.  This means we don’t expect our clients to be technical experts.  That’s where we provide value.  The less technical a prospective client, the more time we spend explaining general technologies.  The more technical they are, the more time we spend explaining specific features of our technology.

We Build Lasting Relationships Because of Our Expertise
Regardless of your level of technical expertise, we often hear that the experience of being an eSkyCity client is very different from our competitors.  There are thousands of companies to choose from, so what makes us a better choice?  We love educating people about technology.  It’s not unusual to spend hours on the phone with us during a free consultation.  Once you become a client, we continue building a relationship like this.  We’re the technical experts.  If you have questions, we have answers.

Why Education is so Important
Technology is an absolutely crucial element of successfully running a business.  Being educated about different technologies goes beyond making life easier.  It can be the difference in running and growing an efficient business, or failing.  Even if you’re already tech savvy, things change fast, so it’s easy to get left behind.  To add to the confusion, many companies use terms like “cloud” only as a marketing tactic to reel in customers, without necessarily meeting their requirements.  You could be doing something manually that can be done automatically, or paying for something you don’t need.

Education Series Kick Off
We want to kick off this education series by addressing more general technology questions.  Questions like “What’s a Cloud Server?”, “What’s a Dedicated Server?”, “What is Hosted Exchange?”, “Do I need Managed Hosting?”, and more.  We’ll certainly have some technical “deep dives” later.

For now, we’ll focus on the basics, starting with our first article: What is Hosted Exchange?

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